Environmentally safe solutions for effective rodent control.

Environmentally safe solutions for effective rodent control.


It won’t work – it does work. Our corporate goal is the development of innovative technologies that will optimize your daily rat and pest control work. In doing so we focus on a high cost-benefit-factor for you as the user. The development of the world-wide first bait protection box ToxProtect® contributes today to an effective and economic as well as ecological rat control in sewage systems and flood-prone areas.

Moreover our models are providing a unique protection technology which meets the requirements of a risk mitigation measure according to the EU Biocidal Products Directive 528/2012 as well as the federal Water Resources Act. Herewith you can first time control the success of your measures as well as document them legally secure.
We have changed a situation because we understood the problem.

Jürgen Buchstaller
Raimund Leib
Klaus Brechtelsbauer
Susanne Ott
Looking ahead. Accepting responsibility. Inspiring.

Rodents are part of our environment – and their numbers increase with the amount of refuse produced by the human population. Rats transmit dangerous infectious diseases for which we sometimes still have no effective remedy. Both science and industry are therefore faced with the challenge of finding and developing new ways and means of minimising the rat population.

“Our goal is efficiency plus our customers’ safety and security.”

Jürgen Buchstaller, Company Founder

Listen. Experiment. Develop.

“Our technology is developed for the benefit of people and the environment.”

Klaus Brechtelsbauer, Design Engineer

Organise. Structure. Plan.

“Our product is environmental protection that pays off.”

Susanne Ott, Managing Director

Explain. Convince. Inspire.

“Our focus is on true sustainability.”

Raimund Leib, Sales Management