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Our company goal is the development of innovative technologies to optimise your daily work in rat and pest control. In doing so, we pay attention to a high cost and benefit factor as you as the user.

The development of the world’s first bait protection box, ToxProtect, today contributes to effective, economical and ecological rat control in sewage and flood-prone areas.

Our ToxProtect® 1402 EX and 1602 models offer unique protection technology that meets the requirements as a Risk Mitigation Measure (RMM) in accordance with EU Biocide Regulation 528/2012 and the Water Resources Act.

Our ToxProtect 1701 for indoor and outdoor use also allows for use in Ex-protection zone 1 areas.

For the first time, you can easily monitor the success of your measures and at the same time document them in a legally secure manner.

We have changed a situation because we have recognised the problem!

We offer our customers efficiency and safety while protecting the environment-for the benefit of us all
Jürgen Buchstaller, technical management
Susanne Ott, commercial management


Looking ahead. Taking Responsibility. Inspire.

Rodents are part of our environment – and their populations grow with the amount of waste that humans produce. Rats transmit dangerous, infectious diseases, some of which there are still no effective antidotes. Science and industry are therefore challenged to constantly find and develop new ways and techniques to minimise rat populations.

Our company history

LoRaWAN radio technology
ToxProtect 1701
NB-IoT radio technology
2. Generation ToxPrtoect 1402Ex & 1602
1. Generation bait protection box 1401Ex &n 1601 with ULE technology
ball-b GmbH & Co KG was founded by Jürgen Buchstaller and Susanne Ott

Our products

ToxProtect bait protection box

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