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Our patented solution

How the ToxProtect works

The ToxProtect is protected against water penetration by the integration of a backwater ball float. If the water rises in the sewer or at another location such as near a river, the backwater ball float of the ToxProtect closes and seals it. As soon as the water level has receded, the entrance to the ToxProtect re-opens making the bait accessible to the rats again.

Thanks to the intelligent protection technology, the patented ToxProtect is the only solution that meets legal requirements for the use of poisonous baits in rat control.

Schematische Darstellung (Querschnitt) einer Köderschutzbox ToxProtect® zur professionellen Rattenbekämpfung

1    BatteryBox
Checking the success of rat control using radio data transmission without opening the manhole. Easy attachment of the bait

2    Halterung
(Made of stainless steel V4A)
Easy and quick assembly/disassembly

3    Box
Plastic housing provides a safe place for the rats to feed

4    Backwater ball float
Patented closure system prevents the bait making contact with rising water

For the use in the sewer (ToxProtect® 1402Ex) and
For the use above ground e.g. areas prone to flooding (ToxProtect® 1602).

Areas of application

Efficient solutions for individual areas of application

Darstellung für mögliche Einsatzgebiete der Köderschutzboxen zur professionellen Rattenbekämpfung