ToxProtect 1602
Rat control in areas prone to flooding

Patented system for use near bodies of water

Facts about our innovative ToxProtect 1602

  • Use near bodies of water

  • Easy bait change

  • Easy to install with mounting rails

  • Patented closure system protects against backflow

  • Patented closure system protects against backflow

  • Secure locking system

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ToxProtect 1602

Briefly explained - our product video

ToxProtect 1602
Köderschutzbox ToxProtect® 1602 zur Rattenbekämpfung in einer Überflutungszone

Application of the ToxProtect 1602

Easy, quick, secure.

The ToxProtect 1602 is a bait protection box that protects the bait from coming into contact with rising water and provides data on the rat control being carried out. The ToxProtect 1602 is used near bodies of water and in areas that are prone to flooding allowing the rats to feed inside the box. If the water level rises, the backwater ball float closes the ToxProtect so that the bait remains dry. The number of visits from the rats and documentation of the rat control are recorded by the ToxPrtoect and made available in the WebService.

A secure locking system also protects the box from unauthorised access.

ToxProtect 1602 is available in 4 different versions

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