ToxProtect 1701
Control with trap or bait

System for indoor and outdoor use

Facts about our innovative ToxProtect 1701

  • Control with bait and electronic detection

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Safe locking system

  • Can also be used in explosion protection zone 1

  • QuickFix – Wall adapter for fast assembly and disassembly of the ToxProtect

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ToxProtect 1701

Briefly explained - our product video

ToxProtect 1701
Geöffnete Köderschutzbox ToxProtect® zur Rattenbekämpfung an der Oberfläche

Application of the ToxProtect 1701

The ToxProtect 1701 can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be equipped with either a snap trap or poison bait. The visits from the rats and the documentation of the rat control are recorded by the ToxProtect (when radio technology is installed) and made available in the WebService.

When the snap trap is triggered by an animal, a message is sent to a mobile device. A secure locking system also protects the box from unauthorised access.

ToxProtect 1602 is available in 4 different versions

More information about our radio technology

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